A Bloody State of the Union

Pre-Campaign Dialogue.
Lets push things forward.

This is a nWoD campaign set in the city of Chicago. It is a multi-supernatural, multi-party game focused around discovery, political machinations, and surviving a city that still retains qualities to its earlier years: its a vicious meatgrinder for the foolish and the naive.

Character creation is nearly entirely open. Changeling, Wolves, and Mages are good to go, straight from the books. Prometheans are open as well, but their viability is questionable in the face of low popularity and everything else. Vampires are using some of the old clans for added flavor, with slightly changed discipline spreads, clan bonuses, and such. Minor supernaturals (like shapeshifters, psychics, hunters, ect.) are open for play as well.

Character Creation Guidelines

*Backstory is a necessity. Context and motivations for your character’s actions, along with some potential plot hooks for me, are greatly appreciated. Explorations of your character is rewarded and greatly encouraged. If you want five dots in Resources, make a logical case for it.
*Talk to me. As the ST, I am hoping to be hands off during most of the game’s major events, allowing characters to push the story forward. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t be there to discuss in-game events, character development, NPC’s and such things. During character creation, I can help with pointers and some info about the campaign, so that you don’t end up with a useless specialization that you never get to use.
*Merits, disciplines, contracts, pacts, spells, and all that jazz has to have in-game reasons before purchase. Just because you have seven xp kicking around in your pocket doesn’t mean that you could, say, pick up a dot in a secondary school of magic without a teacher.
*Ambition and intelligence will be greatly rewarded. Everything from access to new merit chains, free merits, teachers, allies, and bonus xp are within your grasp, if you try hard and create a character worth playing.

Avatar Characters
If you are willing to play an avatar (aka, a self-insert character), you start with a bonus gift of a free merit dot at character creation, along with an additional bonus specialty. However, honesty in this is demanded. Be honest with yourself, and with us. Several players have already pledged to this route, and it is always interesting to see what you would do if thrust into something as horrifying as the World of Darkness, rather than just what a fictional character might do.


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